Evangelizing VR & AR

I'm Marcelo Lewin, the guy behind How To Create VR. I'm passionate about VR / AR and evangelize it every chance I get. I believe companies of all sizes and at all levels will be positively affected by VR and AR. I host a weekly podcast, facilitate a monthly hands-on Meetup, publish tutorials, present in conferences and produce & develop VR and AR projects.

Get my weekly VR and AR updates.


Conversations with VR / AR professionals.

Listen to my weekly conversations with professional creators who work day in and day out creating VR and AR experiences. Learn all about the latest technologies, tools, techniques and tips for VR / AR creation. If you are a creator and want to be a guest on the podcast, contact me!

Hands-On Meetup

Learn with other passionate VR / AR people.

If you are a VR / AR enthusiast, hobbyist, gamer, professional or creator and are passionate about VR / AR then this meetup is for you! Join us monthly for some great hands-on presentations where you learn VR, AR, MR and 360-Degree video by doing. Everyone is welcomed regardless of experience.


Watch and learn how to create VR / AR.

I publish weekly tutorials, product reviews and interviews on YouTube and Vimeo all about VR / AR and how to create it. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional, you'll find something that will help you out!


Sharing and Evangelizing VR / AR.


I love to talk about and share my knowledge of VR, AR and 360-degree video. I present at various meetups, conferences and expos.

My next presentation is a webinar in partnership with Trivantis on "Why Your Company Needs An Immersive Technology Strategy". You can register for it here.

Past presentations include Realities360 Conference 360 Video Seminar, SoCal Media Pros VR Seminar, Glendale Company VR Bootcamp and Cal Poly Pomona VR Seminar.

I sometimes get interviewed in podcast and radio shows. Some interviews include The VR Voice Hotseat and KUCI 88.9 FM's Get the Funk Out! Radio Show.

From time to time, you may find me in Quora answering questions about VR and AR.

If you would like me to present in your location or want to interview me, please feel free to reach out.


Creating & Experimenting With VR / AR.

The key to learning how to create VR and AR, like Nike says, is to "just do it".

I create something in VR and AR on a weekly basis. Doesn't matter what it is or its purpose. The goal is to continually learn and see what the possibilities are. I use a variety of tools like Amazon Sumerian, Zapworks, Google Poly, 360° Video Cameras, Adobe CC, plus many more tools.

Some of my latest projects include the ServiceTitan Corporate VR Tour for onboarding new employees (which won "Most Innovative" award in the ServiceTitan Hackathon), some 3D models created in Google Poly, 360° videos in Veer VR and running an Introduction To VR, AR and MR bootcamp.

About Me

Passionate about VR / AR and its future.

Marcelo Lewin

I'm Marcelo Lewin, the founder of How To Create VR.

I remember the day I put on my first HMD and how it affected me emotionally. I literally could not stop thinking about VR and how we will use it in the future to interact with all our devices. VR / AR will dramatically change how we work and live in the next 10 years.

My goal, through How To Create VR, is to spread the word and help the VR / AR industry grow and expand into the enterprise market.

Join me in this awesome journey which, I believe, will change the computing world!